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December 17 2017

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📶 new rugs on the site. Open till 6!

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Bazaar of Carpet/ Tehran/ Iran
Photographer: mehran riazi

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December 06 2017

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Persepolis (2007) by  Vincent Paronnaud & Marjane Satrapi

November 26 2017

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The Loneliest Whale in the World.

In 2004, The New York Times wrote an article about the loneliest whale in the world. Scientists have been tracking her since 1992 and they discovered the problem:

She isn’t like any other baleen whale. Unlike all other whales, she doesn’t have friends. She doesn’t have a family. She doesn’t belong to any tribe, pack or gang. She doesn’t have a lover. She never had one. Her songs come in groups of two to six calls, lasting for five to six seconds each. But her voice is unlike any other baleen whale. It is unique—while the rest of her kind communicate between 12 and 25hz, she sings at 52hz. You see, that’s precisely the problem. No other whales can hear her. Every one of her desperate calls to communicate remains unanswered. Each cry ignored. And, with every lonely song, she becomes sadder and more frustrated, her notes going deeper in despair as the years go by.

Just imagine that massive mammal, floating alone and singing—too big to connect with any of the beings it passes, feeling paradoxically small in the vast stretches of empty, open ocean.

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November 24 2017

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Sevdaliza - Sirens of the Caspian

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November 05 2017

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Cyrus The Great of Ancient Persia. The founder of the Achaemenid Empire.

Artist:  Hojat Shakiba

October 31 2017

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you’ve seen the dog outside of town, lying where the witches were buried.

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October 23 2017

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زن در ایران ، پیش از این گویی که ایرانی نبود İran’da kadın daha önce sanki İranlı değildi                

پیشه اش ، جز تیره روزی و پریشانی نبود İşi gücü kara bahtı ve perişanlığıydı                          
زندگی و مرگش اندر کنج عزلت می گذشت Yaşamı ve ölümü sessizce kimsesizceydi                  

زن چه بود آن روزها گر زانکه زندانی نبود Zindanda olmasa da kadın İran’da ne idi      

Pervin İtisami

Görsel :  picture of Iranian women protesting in Tehran against the compulsory hijab: International Women’s Day 1979 (İran Devrimi öncesi iran kadınlarının 8 mart dünya kadınlar günü protestolarından 1979 )

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Any glass I drank water from
Reminded me of the taste of your lips
And of the autumn in which you were left behind
Forgetfulness upon forgetfulness
Why had the taste of your lips and the summer in which
You were left behind, remained in the house
We finally could
Separate autumn from the calendar
The taste of your lips had been engraved
On every glass and plate
I took the glasses and the plates out of the house
I buried them beside the wheat
I came home quickly
You were standing in the doorway
You had remained encircled by glasses and plates
Your hair was white
But your lips were still

- Ahamadreza Ahamadi [contemporary Persian poet]

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I sent a hundred letters, I showed a hundred ways
You either don’t know the way or don’t read letters

- Rumi [13th century Persian poet]

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Der Orchideengarten (1919-1921)

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