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October 01 2017

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Darband, Iran, 1997. A fruit market and a tea house. A. Abbas

September 24 2017

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Invitation to iran by invitationtoiran #SocialFoto

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MOHAMMAD YUSUF Birds and Flowers [17th century]

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Dagger (Kard) with Sheath

Date:ca. 1800

Culture:Persian, Qajar

Medium:Steel, agate, gold, wood, velvet, copper

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January 16, 1979: A loyal soldier bends down to kiss the feet of the Shah of Iran on the tarmac of Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport, just minutes before the Shah and the Empress flee Iran for the last time, in the midst of the Iranian Revolution.

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If I could spend eternity in your service,
it wouldn’t be enough 🌹~

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Ancient median/persian hairstyles and headdresses 

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Currently reading: Hafez, The nightingales are drunk

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Iranian actresses moodboard

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About Elly (2009)

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Iranian glazed ceramic tile work, from the ceiling of the Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz, Iran.

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A carpet store in Isfahan, Iran🇮🇷

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Traditional Ancient Persian/Iranic clothing’s of different eras of history.

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Darband, Iran, 1997. A fruit market and a tea house. A. Abbas

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My mum gave me this book, it’s been in my family for over 50 years. She taught me a little bit of Farsi (I can count to ten!) and now I’m working on the alphabet. This is so exciting

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September 17 2017

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