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March 28 2017

The intellect asked, what’s more painful than death? Love answered, separation from the Beloved is more painful than anything.

عقل پرسيد كه دشوار تر از مردن چیست؟
عشق فرمود فراق از همه دشوار تر است.

— Rumi (via cloak-of-love)

March 25 2017

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One night, desperate Majnun prayed tearfully,
‘O Lord of mine who has abandoned me,
Why have you “Majnun” called me? 
Why have you made a lover of Leila out of me?
You have made me a pillow of wild thorns,
Made me roam day and night without a home.
What do you want from my imprisonment?
O Lord of mine, listen to my plea!’

The Lord replied, ‘O lost man,
With Leila’s love I have your heart filled;
Your love of Leila is my will.
The beauty of Leila that you see
Is just another reflection of me.' 

- Nizami

Image 1: Layla Standing in the Palm Grove, page from a Manuscript of the Khamsa of Nizami

Image 2: Layla & Majnun from Hyderabad, 1770 


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And do you think that unto such as you, a maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew, God gave the Secret, and denied it me? Well, well, what matters it! Believe that too. Old Khayyám, say you, is a debauchee; if only you were half so good as he! He sins no sins but gentle drunkenness, great-hearted mirth, and kind adultery. But yours the cold heart, and the murderous tongue. The wintry soul that hates to hear a song. The close-shut fist. The mean and measuring eye; and all the little poisoned ways of wrong. - Omar Khayyam
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“O son! There are six
signs of true lovers,
cold sighs, pale complexion,
teary eyes, lamenting,
restlessness, homelessness.” -Sufi poetry

Tomb of Jahangir.
Lahore, Pakistan.(Instagram: aabbiidd)

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از صدای سخن عشق ندیدم خوشتر
یادگاری که در این گنبد دوار بماند

I have not heard any voice more beautiful than my love’s
Memories (of love) in that spinning dome (world) always stay

اس جہاں میں ایک ہی پیاری یادگار ہے جو ہمیشہ قائم رہنے والی ہے اور وہ ہے عشق کی بات

Khwaja Hafiz Shirazi
Ghazal: 178

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Bahram Gur and his Seven Princesses, from a Khamsa of Nizami. Shiraz, Iran, 1548.

I’ve posted a couple of these before, but I thought it would be nice to put the whole set together.


Farsi term of endearment meaning, “my life” or “my soul”. Used most commonly between partners and lovers. 

Requested by: littlemissconceptions

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Persian Love Story


“Zendagi az to, marg az man
Rahaati az to, narahaati az man
Khushi az to, ghaam az man
Hame chiz az to
Vali to az man.” 

“Life is yours, death is mine
Peace is yours, stress is mine
Happiness is yours, sorrow is mine
Everything is yours
But you are mine”

هزار بار ديگرم سر شكوفه كردن است
“I have yet to bloom a thousand times more…
— Qahar Aasi (via gqandw)
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Went to see the Persian Manuscripts exhibit at the State Library in Melbourne the other day - wow! The amount of detail on these centuries old manuscripts is amazing, decorated in gold and lapis lazuli, among other colours.

This is an Illuminated Manuscript of the Koran (Walters Art Museum)

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“Excavation of Persepolis (Iran): Tachara Palace (Palace of Darius), Central Facade of Southern Stairway: Detail View of Relief Picturing Persian Guards”


glass negative from the Ernst Herzfeld Papers

Freer and Sackler Archives

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Statue of Persian poet Ferdowsi in front of the Milad Tower in Tehran, Iran.

March 18 2017

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“You are with the Friend now.
Learn what actions of yours
delight Him, what actions of
yours bring freedom
and love.” -Hafez

Wazir Khan Mosque.
Lahore, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

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elephant angel

Muḥammad ibn Maḥmūd Ṭūsī, ʿAjāyib al-makhlūqāt va-gharāyib al-mawjūdāt, Baghdad 790 AH / 1388 AD

BnF, Supplément persan 332, fol. 15r

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Qadamgah, Iran

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Ceiling Masterpieces

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