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January 27 2018

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Inspired by aspoonfuloflanguage’s Chinese post. Please check it out, her design skills are way more impressive than mine. ORL Also, take a look at livingwithlanguages‘s Polish post of the same nature, it’s also very pretty!

My first contribution to the langblr community! I’ve noticed that there are not very many Persian langblr posts out there, so I decided to start off with something basic–colours. Colour is also fundamental to Iranian/Persian space as a whole, so perhaps it is a fitting beginning in that respect as well. For each colour, I decided to use an image that is somehow symbolic or special to Persian/Iranian culture. The title banner, for example, is an image from the Shahnameh, the Book of Kings, often treasured as the source of the modern Persian language.

Below, I have included a brief explanation of the symbols. All of the pictures were taken from Google Images, so if something belongs to you, please contact me and I will remove it ASAP.

Colours (Rang ha) رنگ ها

  • قرمز/سرخ (Quermez/sorkh): Red, the colour of pomegranates, one of the main symbols of Shab-e Yalda, the Iranian Winter Solstice holiday.
  • نارنجی (Narenji): Orange, the colour of goldfish, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox.
  • زرد (Zard): Yellow, the colour of many Persian sweets (shirini), including this one, nokhodchi, traditional roasted chickpea cookies.
  • سبز (Sabz): Green, the colour of the sabzeh, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox. Symbolizes rebirth.
  • آبی (Ahbi): Blue, the colour of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, a Safavid architectural and mathematical masterpiece, considered one of the most beautiful constructions in the world to date.
  • بنفش (Benefsh): Purple, the colour of the hyacinth flower, an important symbol of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, celebrated on the spring equinox.  
  • سیاه (Siyah): Black, often the colour of the chador, an outer garment specific to the Iranian region. An important feminist symbol during the Islamic Revolution, the chador was donned by many women in protest against the Shah’s oppressive policies. This image is a screencap of Maryam Mohamadamini in Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s iconic film, A Moment of Innocence (Farsi title: نون و گلدون‎‎).
  • سفید (Sefid): White, the colour of Azadi Square, the site of many popular uprisings including the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the 2009 Green Movement.

December 30 2017

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December 27 2017

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GQ’s Persian Excursion (1969)

“Persian Excursion”, Gentlemen’s Quarterly (today’s GQ magazine), October 1969.

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Tajik folk dance. Postcard printed in 1957.

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Women protesting forced hijab days after the Iranian Revolution, 1979

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A woman wears a veil and pearls. The image is part of the Freer and Sackler Galleries’ Antoin Sevruguin collection. It’s one of the most prominent of its kind in North America.

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From the Iranian Wedding, External Narrative. Bride and groom, 1980s

December 17 2017

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AFGHANISTAN. Herat. 1992. Rebuilding the city of Herat after years of Soviet bombing. Photographer: Steve McCurry

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Afghanistan 70’s /80’s  by Roland & Sabrina Michaud 

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Herat, Afghanistan 

Herat dates back to the Avestan times and was traditionally known for its wine. The city has a number of historic sites. During the Middle Ages Herat became one of the important cities of Khorasan, as it was known as the Pearl of Khorasan.

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Asaf Goren by Walid Azami

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Postcard - Portrait of a woman from north Afghanistan, traditional weddin g costume.

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A veiled woman stands in front of a magazine store in downtown Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002

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Brennan Linsley 

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📶 new rugs on the site. Open till 6!

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